Windows 7 speech recognition macros

I have a few questions about speech recognition. Firstly, I found an article on the Internet, that stated Microsoft had developed an application that allows users to write macros for speech recognition. At the time of development, the application was developed for Windows Vista. However, I'm wondering if I still need to download this application for Windows 7? Secondly, when you just want to dictate text, is it possible to create a macro that would stop other commands from interfering with what you are saying in your sentence? For example, making up a command like: "type only what I say." It is so annoying when you are trying to say "start", but instead, the start menu opens, or saying "home" moves the cursor to the beginning of the line. Worst yet, when you're trying to say a word or a phrase, such as: "ice tea", come to only find out that the phrase is the title of a web page, and you lose focus from the window you are dictating text on.

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