Windows 7 Startup/Login Problems

Hello, recently i installed(upgraded from Vista) Windows 7 build 7600 onto my desktop. It starts up fine, then when i go to login the computer does its "preparing desktop..." then the screen goes black, and stays that way. The cursor is there and movable.

I Can start in safe mode just fine.

Any help is appreciated.

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Upgrade or clean install?

An Upgrade from Vista


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No desktop you say?

If safe mode works, then your Operating System is fine. Normal mode is loading xtra's on top of windows, such as chat programs, firewalls, printer drivers,etc that is causing the problem. Your suspects are:

Internet Explorer addons may be the problem, disable them, reset all IE defaults. Remove toolbars, popup blockers, etc.
Startup programs, use msconfig to troubleshoot
device drivers - try removing unneeded peripherials at the least
corrupt user profile - create another one under safe mode as admin
spyware/virus - ensure clean system

Unfortunately it needs to be troubleshot and may take a little bit to narrow down, but it is fixable!

Good Luck

Thomas R

Probably carrying over software and av programs or incompatible drivers. You'll probably have to do a clean install to make it work.

Ah, i think it will be easier to do a cleaner. I can copy all my documents over onto an external one, it'll all be fine?

Il will try to do those things first. i dont want to loose anything.


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Can toy tap Alt-Ctl-Del to bring up Task Manager.

Then choose New > Task, and type explorer,exe.

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