Windows 7 Windows 7 Taskbar Problems


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Nov 10, 2008
My copy of Windows 7 had a fatal error yesterday and crashed. I reinstalled the operating system completely. After i reinstalled the system the first thing i tried to do was use the blue badge tool to enable the new superbar. It sort of worked. Yes it did show the new taskbar with jump menus, but it did not give me previews of the windows when i hover over the minimized windows. Instead it gives me the classic list of windows. I then went into the personalization and and made sure the theme was on windows 7 and it was and i doubled checked just to make sure. I tried the different themes of windows 7 as well and they did not work either. As you all know the taskbar should change colors via the theme. It does not!!! I dont know what pandoras box i have opened but I hope someone can help me.
Sounds like you didn't do the procedure properly, by killing explorer.exe before you launched the tool. In the options for the Taskbar, there is an option to enable Desktop Preview. If that doesn't work, you gotta find out a way to enable it in the Registry. As for the taskbar color, Google how to enable Aero on Vista Basic and follow the instructions you find.
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