windows 7 ultimaye still rocks

:eek: Thank you Bill Gates for being a great human being as my Windows 7 build 7100 ultimate is still fully functional and is the work horse of my computing life. Yes that is correct..Build 7100 that I made to function without the two hour shutdown and Aero is still fully active. not giving away my work around but let me say this though, windows 7 is way superior to the windows 8 development preview I have running on my desktop with the metro apps and hoping Microsoft does a complete better job with the W 8 beta release as W 8 is really designed for touchscreen technology. never the less, my W 7 is great and it works with everything available and the resource demand from anything I download, weather it be third party software is still 3% demand across all platforms, and that's a far cry from W 8 which averages 30% draw continually, and Monzilla Firefox is a complete disaster with it's ever changing builds as it continues to get worst in connection and performance. I do miss the fact that my version of 7 will not let me upgrade to Explorer 9 or 10, but I could alter the build number, but that's another story. I received an email from the forum, stating I was missed, and I don't know why, but I say today to everyone, thank you for having me back and may windows 7 rule forever....:rolleyes::redface::cry_smile:

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