Windows 7 Update causes my DVD/CD drive to NOT be recognized or accessed!

Every time Microsoft updates Windows 7 it causes new problems on what's been a relatively stable Dell XPS8000. The latest update causes my DVD / CD drive (HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GH50N ATA Device) to be inaccessible! By running System Restore I've brought it back from the 'bit-bucket', but I'd really like to update the OS without having the updates screw something up. Any ideas? Anyone??? Previous updates have caused printer problems; Mouse problems (both running on USB ports); etc.:mad:


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My first suggestion would be to stop allowing the Windows Update utility to update drivers for your hardware devices.
click the start orb and right click computer and choose properties.
from the left column click Advanced System settings
Select the Hardware Tab and then click the Device Installation Settings button
Choose the No, let me choose radio button and then
the Never install driver software from Windows update, radio button.
Ok your way back out of there and that should help resolve your issues.

Thanks Randy! I've clicked the items suggested. Hopefully that's the end of my troubles.

I have had this problem open up device manager and see if the drive is disabled by the updates that is what hapened to me once with office 2003 updates I use openoffice now

Thanks for your prompt reply! I finally wound up editing and delete the upper and lower DVD filters in the Registry. That fixed the problem. Now - I've got a problem with Outlook. When I click on a link it tells me that I don't have permission - to see the Administrator. I AM the administrator LOL.

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