Windows 7 Windows 7 Update Fix?

>>>Hi Buffy; sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I just happened onto this thread from my Alerts notifications and saw you attempted the W10 upgrade and it failed. Did you remember to run the W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST before completing the W10 upgrade? Here's a link with instructions on how to do this: Get Windows 10 app - Check Compatibility Report for Windows 10.
It's very important to run this App while installing the W10 upgrade, as it looks for outdated hardware, drivers, and programs that will keep the W10 from properly installing and throwing up error messages. This error message you got indicates incompatibility of hardware or outdated device drivers. If you post your Make/Model of your computer, you can visit the manufacturer's website (such as Dell, Acer, HP, etc.) and view the available drivers for your exact model (or you can run the Serial number of your computer) and if W10 drivers are not available, your computer hardware may not support moving to W10 and that's why you are getting the incompatibility error message.

There is also the possibility that since you are running older hardware, Win7 computers are now 7 years old. Hard drives only are designed to last 3 years in desktop PCs, and only 2 years in laptops!o_O If you've never replaced the hard drive in that Win7 computer, there's a very high likelihood that it's failing or has failed and that's why your are getting a W10 error message also. You will need to test your hardware to determine if this is the case. And while you are testing your computer, you should also test for failed RAM sticks, the next most common component failure in Windows PCs. Here's the complete testing link with my testing instructions:
Windows 10 - Unclickable Task Bar.

Your post is a couple of months old, so I don't know if you have since resolved your problem. Hopefully, you did so. Perhaps, you got it working and have moved on. I'm writing this so other people with a similar W7 to W10 upgrade experienced a similar problem and can use this to help them solve their problem.<<<

Best of luck,:encouragement: