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Hi all,

I have installed Windows 7 32 bit. It started to perform windows updates; I didn't allow it to install all its updates, as it took a lot of time. When the computer was restarted, I noticed some folders like c:\2d969cde1b9d6621ae626318ce13 and other strange names. They cannot be deleted anymore, although the UAC is disabled. In properties page for those folders my account is with write rights enabled, and also the account "SYSTEM". I tried to delete them from the MSDOS console - no luck; I have stopped the windows update service, still no luck. What shoul I do to delete these folders?



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I know what you mean but I;ve always been able to delete them

Windows 7 Updates folders - solved

Hi Lucian & welcome to Windows 7 Forums :)

Where are these folders w/ the strange names that are bothering you? Right now I not sure they should be a concern nor need there be an intense effort to remove them. What error message or ____ brought your attention to this & feeling it was something 'bad'? Are there icons w/ said files?

UAC ought not be disabled
Windows Update Service must not be stopped
Windows Updates are to be allowed to complete.
Firewall, enabled by default, left ON
A-V & Anti-malware initiated & configured. MSE recommended.
Anti-malware (anti-spyware), may be Defender, set to Daily & Full Scan

Thank you


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Thanks Drew for your quick replay,

the foders are in the "c:\" drive, so they are visible. I have solved these problems by running in the command prompt:

takeown /f c:\2d969cde1b9d6621ae626318ce13 /R
cacls c:\2d969cde1b9d6621ae626318ce13 /G lucian:F /T

where "lucian" is my account name. This solution is shown on another forum.

On your comments:
UAC ought not be disabled - I am a software developer, UAC interferes with my work;
Windows Update Service must not be stopped - agree, did it only for few minutes, anyway;
Windows Updates are to be allowed to complete. - some updates take about one hour to finissh (Service pack 1 for VS 2005/2008 Pro); this is not an option, sometimes...


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