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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by JeremyJukes, Jun 8, 2009.

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    There have been at least two builds released after RC 7100 - i.e. builds 7137 and 7201. Are these builds available for download on Microsoft's web site? Also please confirm that MS is not making updates available thru the Windows Update facility built into Windows 7.
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    These are leaked builds. They are not available on the website to Technet/MSDN or the general public. There is a rumor circulating that there will be a Release Candidate 2, but since retail availability is scheduled for October, this is unlikely. If anything, the RTM will be August or September indicating that these leaked builds are minor refinements before they reach a RTM build. There is also a seperate tree that they are using for Service Pack 1 which is already in development, indicating that the current version of Windows 7 (RC) is seen as stable enough for a commercial release. The Release Candidate is not supported by Microsoft so you should not expect to get updates via Windows Update, however some test updates have been published. It is unlikely any serious updates will be published via Windows Update until the commercial availability of the OS.
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    My sources tell me that rumour is false.. I trust my source but I'm also hearing these rumours all over the place so I guess time will tell.. ;) It really wouldn't make alot of sense considering the timeline Microsoft has set for Windows 7 Retail and RTM.. but with Microsoft one never knows until it happens or doesn't happen.. ;)

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