Windows 7 upgrade from Vista fails at 2nd stage


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I purchased the Win 7 upgrade (Home Premium). I'm running Vista (64 bit) on my 2 years old HP laptop.

I have opted for the custom install to clean up. I've saved all the docs/pics/mp3 etc and I have the programs I need to reinstall. I've uninstalled my anti-virus (AVG) as it seemed reluctant to turn off.

I then ran the installation from the cd (64 bit). When I reached the second stage of Expanding Windows Files it throws up the following

"Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation. To install windows, restart the installation"

I've tried this 3 times and same thing happens at 20% of the same stage every time.

I think I need to post an error log but I searched for and could not find what I needed.

I would appreciate any help (as you can see I'm a bit out of my depth)


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You're going about it the right way with a "clean" install.

Have yopu removed all USB devices from the system? Try taking out a stick of RAM or two if you have over 6GB installed.

Could you provide your computer specs?

There must be something wrong with the disk you purchased.

Have you tried the 32-bit version install?

I would contact Microsoft and ask them for a new DVD.

I know someone has a toll-free number, hopefully they'll notice this post and provide you with it.

I should have jotted down the number.

You could try this number and ask for the phone number tp get the disks 1-888-571-2048

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I had left in a MS mouse during the install. I'll try again. I thought as I'm running 64-Bit Vista I should stick with the 64-Bit Win7.

My HP Pavilion dv2700 notebook specs are as follows
Vista SP2 64-Bit
AMD Turion 64 X2 tl-63 2.1Ghz


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Can you find a setupact.log in a Panther directory, or in a hidden/system folder the starts with $?

A list the might help is referenced below. What you would do is go to the end of the log and look for things that mention errors or failures or repeated attemps. If you get an access denied message, copy the log to the desktop and check it there.

Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Vista setup log file locations

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