Windows 7 Video Drivers Issues (drivers not supported)


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Hello All. I installed windows 7 as an upgrade to XP, and I find that my Intel does not produce drivers for the Integrated 900 graphics card for vista! Windows 7 runs great on my machine in 1024x768, however I cannot run dual monitors, which is crucial to me using this computer. Can anyone think of a workaround, or a way to get dual monitors working on the standard VGA drivers included with 7.. Thanks for your help!


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I am running XP drivers for the 915GM/910GML graphics. I had all sort of problems until I isntalled this Inf Update Utility from Intel and rebooted. Why it works, I am not sure.*+32〈=eng&strOSs=164&submit=Go!

I have two monitors in the device manager just like with XP.

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