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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Gradz183, Feb 23, 2015.

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    I'm at the end of my tether here. I recently installed windows 7 on my PC as I prefer it to windows 8. Everything runs fine except when I play a video. Mp4's, avi's..... They all have the same problem. The video doesn't lag, isn't choppy but it's as if the frame rate is wrong. The playback isn't smooth. I've installed 3 different codec packs including the main windows 7 one and tried 4 different media players. Best way I can describe what I'm seeing is....... Say a video clip had 100 frames in it. It's as if I'm only seeing a smooth running video made up of 50 frames evenly spaced out. I hope someone can help. It's driving me looooopy!! =(
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    When you did that install did you install all the latest drivers again for your hardware? Specifically the Chipset and Video drivers?
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    It sounds like you are only seeing key frames. Trouble is right - check the driver situation. The codec packs I would quickly uninstall. They can mess things up too. Use VLC, that has all codecs included.
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    Never have more than one codec pack installed. WMP plays most as they should be played - check Windows updates. Like whs notes, uninstall all extra codec packs, more than one codec may mess your system. VLC is quite safe, as it has the codecs in its own folder, not mixed with others. But I've had problems with it too, probably because of Windows updates.

    There are various tools for codecs, simply search for "codec check" in your browser. I can't recommend any, though. And it's a jungle to go through!

    As a footnote, to play Blu-ray, you need to purchase a program, since the codec is copyrighted by Sony, not available for free. A mere driver isn't enough.
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