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I have a HP desktop that came with Vista Home Premium 32 bit and two identical hard drives configured in RAID 1. My access to the RAID drives was through Intel Storage Matrix Console. I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit. My question is what happened to my RAID 1 configuration? When I click on Computer, I see just one C drive and a D drive which is the restore part of the C drive. One expert (?) told me that if I see just one C drive the RAID 1 setup is still there. But the Intel Storage Matrix Console is gone due to the clean install of Windows 7. Can it be restored?


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Open Disk Management and see if it shows both your physical drives.
If so and neither is showing any issues with respect to its' status then your raid config is likely still intact.
As far as your ability to interact with it using the Intel Storage Matrix Console.....
That may require that you reinstall the software and driver packages as a new clean install will not necessarily know about your particular hardware devices. Chipset, VGA, NIC, Audio, etc., etc.


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Many thanks for your help.

I did go to Disk Management and after a few clicks found "RAID 1 Properties" with the notice "The device is working properly" which is great news. However, without Intel Matrix Console installed, I am not sure how I will learn if one of my hard drives has failed. A few years ago, one of the original drives failed. I bought a replacement and with the aid of the Intel Matrix Console it was installed rather quickly and the RAID 1 configuration was back with two working drives. Then, about two months later the other original drive failed so I repeated the process.

I got into my current situation when my computer had some corrupted files. I spent much time and effort trying to fix it without success. So I backed up my files and did a factory restore from disks that I had made when I first purchased the computer. That went OK but it took about a day or so for all of the Vista Home Premium updates to download and install. Then I used my Windows 7 Home Premium DVD to try to update the operating system. The update did not work since Vista SP1 did not install despite the Windows Vista update list showed several times that SP1 was successfully installed. After trying to get SP1 actually installed, I gave up and did a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium which included SP1. That step, of course, wiped out Intel Matrix Storage Console.

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