Windows 7 won't boot using the same HDD on a second same model computer


I have a lot of 10 computers HP Prodesk 600.
I installed Windows 7 on the first one, I created an Acronis image, but when I tried to restored, for some reasons doesn't work.
Trying to identify the problem, I used the same HDD already installed, to boot on the second computer.
The Windows started for 2 seconds and than the message "launch startup repair" appear.
Selecting "launch startup repair" another message appear "Windows cannot repair the computer automatically"
I mention that the windows 7 license is embedded.
Can you please help?
Thank You!


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Could you get us a picture of your Disk Management window and attach using the upload a file button?

I don't work in IT, but I thought most folks would use the Deployment process to install to multiple systems. A drive just being moved to another system will usually boot, if everything related to the Drive controller and/or bios is at least close. Which would require of course the bios to be set to use the AHCI SATA controller or whatever the original machine used.

But again, I have no experience with an "embedded" key and multiple installs.

Thank You!!!

Using the option "Generalize" in sysprep as WHS suggested, everything become compatible.

Thanks again!

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