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    Hi all

    I'm having an issue with Windows 8.1 that I have had issues with resolving. What happens is I load a game, any game, and the operating system seems to Alt+Tab to the desktop without my instruction after about 10 minutes of gameplay. What I've done to check:
    • Checked the keyboard. All the keys are working fine and responsive/non-clogged.
    • Checked background programs. I've started windows with no background programs running and it still has this problem.
    I'm unsure the cause of this problem, but the above has not resolved the issue which has been bugging me for about 2 months now. The programs I have in the start up are:
    Asus DG Audio Center
    Mad Catz R.A.T mouse Utility
    Intel Rapid Storage Technology
    Roccat Isku Utility
    Nvidia GeForce Experience
    VmWare Workstation
    Zotac Firestorm

    Is there anything I can do to check the cause of this issue?

    Many thanks

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