Windows 8.1 doesnt recognize D-Link as a modem.

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    I recently upgraded to windows 8.1 from 7. Whenever I connect my D-Link dongle, windows thinks that it is a read only storage drive. I uninstalled and re-installed the D-Link software but it doesnt work.

    When I start the "D-Link Connection Manager" it shows the loading screen and then minimizes into the tray. Then it becomes unresponsive. Removing the Modem doesnt kill the process. Trying to kill the process with Task Manager says, "Access Denied".

    Went to device manager and clicked scan for hardware changes. It became unresponsive too. WWAN and WWLAN autoconfig services are working fine.

    Computer gets stuck at "restarting" or "shutting down". I have to press and hold the power key to turn it off.

    However, the modem has a seemingly random chance of working. It works sometimes. It works fine on my friend's computer.
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