Windows 8.1 immediately logs me out after upgrade from Windows 8

As the title says.
I have booted in safe mode, and it seems to work fine.
But, when I do a clean boot (disabling all non-windows startup services and programs), it still logs me out.
I am at a loss of what to do from here.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


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1. 8.1 logs you out. No error message given?

2. Go back to safe mode, > login > create another admin account > log out when done.

In normal mode, can you log in with your new admin account ?

No error message at all, unless I bypass the signing out process by opening task manager. Then I get 2 errors about Windows.UI.Immersive.dll and 1 error about LogiLDA.dll. Also, all of my system and control panel links are like... whited out? I wouldn't even know how to describe it. I will post a screenshot of what I see after bypassing the signing out process.

I will also try to create another account after logging out and back in for the screenshot.

This screenshot about sums up my problem(s).

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After restarting, I am stuck on a black screen. I can start programs with task manager, but explorer will not start.

To clarify; you upgraded from 8 to 8.1...Yes? How did you upgrade? Where did you get your upgrade? Is your upgrade activated?

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