Windows 8.1 not installing and system very slow

So I reset my laptop to default settings after trying to rid my system of a possible trojan (accodring to malwarebytes) but my McAfee says everything is fine. Once the reset was complete, I was no longer experiencing the same issues as before (lots of redirecting and certain programs not working), however now my laptop is incredibly slow and will not update to windows 8.1 as the installation fails right at the end.

I spoke with somebody on microsoft chat help but they were just pressuring me into buying all manner of services claiming my laptop will blue-screen any minute now.
Can anybody help?

Many thanks


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Having had a malware infection your system will be in a rather uncertain state. Many trojans employ all sorts of techniques to enable themselves to re-infect your system and antivirus cleaners often leave traces of the infection behind. What trojan was it that you had and think you got rid of?

I'm not too sure anymore but i believe it was something with TMP in the name. I've done a total reset of my laptop and still it wont update and takes about 10 minutes to boot each time

try check errors.. admin cmd (Win + X + A) and type chkdsk /? .. then chkdsk c: /r which will prompt u to do it after restart click y (takes hours to locate bad sector and fix errors) or just chkdsk c: /f (for fix errors only with less time) or if u want only scan online without fixing errors u can try chkdsk c: /scan /perf (which take only minutes)

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