Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 for slow PC?

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    I have two PCs:

    (1) An old Compaq tower running a dual-core AMD processor at ~2.2GHz.
    1GB RAM (I had to remove a 1GB stick that went bad)
    Running Windows Vista

    (2) A Gateway laptop with an Intel i3 at 2.4GHz
    4GB RAM
    Running Windows 7

    They both have crappy graphics cards and have a ton of software installed. I want to clean them up and get them working as well as they can (without upgrading the hardware). Neither of them will be used much but I want them to be reliable for MS Word, Spotify, and Google Chrome.

    I don't have much experience with Windows 7 and I have no experience with Windows 8/8.1. So on computers with these specs, what would be fastest: Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.1?

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    For the first system you mentioned, I would probably go with Windows 7 as Windows 8 requires a bit of graphics processing power for the modern UI. On the other hand, your second system is a bit newer and would probably be able to run Windows 8 significantly better. I say this because it has an i3 processor which means it should also have at least Intel 3000 graphics.

    Windows 8 is a huge step up from Windows 7 though. You'll find there js quite a learning curve with the new modern interface which replaces the conventional start menu and in some ways the desktop as well.
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    1. RE : what you mentioned in first 3 paragraphs
    Why not just restore both Vista and Win 7 back to Factory State ?
    Do you have their installation disks ?

    2. RE : your last paragraph
    I am not certain what you were asking. Suddenly you brought Win8.1 into picture.
    your question : what would be fastest: Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.1?
    Fastest to do what ?
    Would you mind elaborate?

    editing : if you meant : which of the 3 OS runs fastest..............
    Fastest is a relative term.
    If you recall the first time you had Vista or Win 7, they ran pretty fast, at least fast enough for regular users. Yes ?
    Gradually they got slower and slower as you started to load " a ton of software ". Yes ?
    Same scenario will repeat itself if you do the same to a new Win 8.1
    My experience.....
    I reinstalled my Vista in preparation for Win 8 Pro. Vista, after reinstalling, ran fast. Win 8 Pro was then installed. It ran like lightning. Then 8.1 was installed, then I installed all the software I wanted. It does not run as fast as the beginning anymore.
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