Windows 8.1 suddenly shut down and drive can't accessible

I'm using windows 8.1 suddenly my laptop shut down... When I restart my laptop it didn't switch on. I used windows 8.1 boot cd and checked c drive is not responding. I'm also tried in cmd c: it just not responding it just freezing the command prompt whereas i can get into d: & e:. I just had look by load drivers in repair ur computer by boot cd. While seeing all drives d and e shows their size and I can open it. Bt c drive doesn't show anything when I try to open it just freezing. I can't even open diskpart. Pls help me I'm confused a lot. All of my project files r there. Thanks is advanced

You may of damaged your HDD drive, have your checked your bios to see if the drive is visible and its settings in relation to your HDD?


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Is your "C drive" a separate physical drive or is it one, of multiple partions on a single physical drive?

In either case, do you have the means (skills and equipment savvy) to remove it from its' current system and slave it to another system to see if you can either access it to save your critical data or perform some hardware diagnostics on it like Check Disk or something more exhaustive like Spin Rite (which is not free but rather a commercial, for purchase hard drive utility)?


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As the laptop in question is using Windows 8, there should be a EUFI type BIOS and Spinrite, for all its well known abilities, is unable to boot a EUFI system, and as such is unsuitable for the task.

My experience with drives, which goes back into the late 90's, slots in the 'Dead Drive' category for your stated problems. No boot, no load, no drive. It is toast, time for another drive.


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Check drivers from hardware option.

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