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Hi Mike.
I'm wondering if you have tried the second method Booting Windows 8 In Safe Mode When PC Is Not Starting
Personally I have never been able to get the Shift + F8 key combination to work for me.
Was just wondering if you had, had any better luck.

Joe S

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Thanks Mike it's mazing all of the annoying changes that they make that really only annoy the users and accomplish nothing useful.


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Hi Randy

I haven't tried it, it just dawned on my today that I didn't really know how you are supposed to do it in Windows 8.

It did say in the article that he had to do it a number of times to get it to work.

I'm really starting to think I should have stuck with Windows 7, when I got my new computer.
It seems like they've made everything harder to do.

I can think of many times when I was saved by being able to get into Windows in Safe Mode when it wouldn't boot.
Now that may not be an option or at least it's a lot harder.

When I saw that they had updated the mail app I tried it on my computer, it just says "Can't Sync Mail" and no options to even get it to try and do anything about it, no setup account, or what is your address, or anything.

The first time I tried it when I got my computer it asked for my address and said it couldn't read it and that was that.
Live mail works, why not the mail app.

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Thanks for the followup Mike. I was just wondering.
Personally, I fiddle way too much not to have Safe Mode Boot as an option so I added it to my Boot Menu by following this process described here Enable, Use, and Disable Safe Mode in Windows 8
Plus I ticked the network box in msconfig, so technically it's SafeMode with Networking.

As far as the so called Modern Apps. No comment.