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My wife has her desktop computers in Windows 7 Ultimate as it is darn near perfect with the Korean language. Her laptop is in Win 7 Home Premium and it is so so using Korean (the Desktops were installed in English, but they had Korean as the default after the install, the laptop arrived in English and was converted to Korean) Her one experience with Win 8 Pro did not go well could be I borked the install at the time. She did not like the rendition of the Korean characters. Maybe I did something wrong on Install or maybe things got fixed. I am thinking of getting her a new Laptop and most come with Win 8. I still have a new copy of Win 8 Pro Upgrade and I could easily upgrade and possibly set Korean as the default when I upgraded it. Or I could buy yet another expensive copy of Win 7 Ultimate.

The Win 8 Pro upgrade was relatively cheap when I bought it, still I hate to waste it and lose the use if I load Win 7 over it.

Anyone here that is familiar care to chime in?
I know some suppliers are offering a windows 7 downgrade like they did with vista and xp. You could always get the lappie with windows 7 and then when the time feels right use your upgrade to windows 8 pro?
Yes that might be the way I have to do it, I was just hoping that if you did use Korean as a default language on installation of Win 8 Pro, that the language would behave as it does with Win 7 ultimate.
When you say 'behave as it does with win 7' what do you mean exactly?
Well I don't use it as I am not a Korean speaker, but the Warden claims Win 7 Home Premium and Win 8 Pro does not render the Korean symbols properly, sometimes using more stylized older symbols mixed with newer ones, this makes it difficult to shift gears while reading and gums up the works. Win 7 Ultimate is up to snuff. I am not certain if I am correct about Win 8 Pro being in the same boat with Win 7 Home Premium or if she just did not like the Win 8 interface, but I believe it is the former. I did just have a thought about trying to update her Home Premium as the new language fixes would likely be a optional update.
My hope would be that Win 8 now renders similar to the way Win 7 Ultimate does
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I will wait another week or two to get the new Laptop, which I understand will have plain Win 8 and I will use my Win 8 Pro Upgrade on it and during the upgrade I will select Korean as the default. The last time I may have tried to convert from a english default to Korean and messed up a setting along the way. I'll find this thread then and report my findings.
That's great.. I'll be interested to see how this works out.
Okay I did get the MSI GX-70 laptop ( AMD A-10-5750M CPU and AMD 8970M GPU)which has Win 8 on it. I initially was going to use my upgrade DVD with Win 8 Pro but it did not seem to work and I don't guess I need "Bitlocker" anyway so I just upgraded to Win 8.1 Preview. After installing Office Home and Business 2013 I decided I was done for the time. I then turned my attention to The old HP Laptop and tried to figure out how to change the primary account to the wife and that did not work either, but I did change to her password. So on to Korean "Change PC Settings" find the language tab and soon it was defaulted to Korean (and it works well in Korean) The wife is happy (Except for the Win 8.1 Pro Preview, She is not a fan) So a happy ending overall it would seem...ahh but no it does not end there. Going back to my new laptop I noticed about a third of the icons were in...Korean symbols! I was ticked! Well I went to setting and found that the Korean language pack had been downloaded. English was still noted as primary though. I then reset English as primary and rebooted. Presto changeo all the Korean symbols disappeared. Now I am happy!
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Glad to hear your good to go.. :) Thank you for updating your thread too it's always nice to know how things turned out.