Windows 8 Windows 8 build 8158 images leak, show off new Metro Screen

Captain Jack

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Mar 6, 2010
The new Windows 8 build 8158 images leaked all over the Internet, WinUnleaked released a leaked images of Windows 8 Metro screen. Seems like Microsoft had done a good job customize the Metro screen. I think they are listening to users feedback after all ;)

Check the image at WinUnleaked
It will definitely be a public beta. Releasing the Beta to the general public worked very well with Windows 7 and should do the same with Windows 8..

Will it be a Public beta or just for select testers?
Dual booting with something that's not even a real OS, could be courting disaster.

I keep things like that on a separate HD so "never the trains shall meet."

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I have been dual booting almost since day 1 (I tried VM first but the trade offs were not satisfactory to me). I have had no problems at all. In fact I include both Win 7 (C Drive) and Win 8 DP (W Drive) in all my Images. I create the Images from within Win 7 (Have not installed Acronis in Win 8 DP) and have been able to restore both partitions successfully without a hitch.
There are those who live a blessed existence, where everything they touch turns to gold, and then there's the rest of us.

I had one horrible experience with dual booting, years ago and it turned out disastrous. I'm just not willing to go through that again.
I test so many programs including various OS's, that I just find it easier to keep things separated. I have at least five different OS's laying around here on different HD's and if I get tired of playing with one, I just reformat that HD and put something else on it. On my main PC, Windows 8 now occupies the HD that formerly held "Peppermint". My second installation of Win-8 is running all by itself on a six year old Compaq desktop. I'm really surprised at how well that 64 bit OS runs on an old 32 bit, single core, AMD CPU, with just 2 gig's of DDR ram.

Since the install, I've had not one bit of trouble with that install.

Not too surprising, Win-8 won't run my script to force a restore point. Very disappointing!
But I've found that the program "ERUNT", which makes a backup of the registry, Works Great,
and it even offers to put itself in the Startup folder, for a daily backup of the registry. They are
assuming that people shut their computers off every day when they're through using them, like I do.

Happy New Year!
I created a virtual hard disk and dual booted from that with no problems. It's not the same as a VM. It's a folder that is treated like another partition with out the hassle of creating a partition. When your done simply delete it and remove it from the the boot tab. It's available in Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate.
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