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On July 7, 2012, members of our forum team gathered on Skype to discuss and activities and events. Several guest enthusiasts joined us during this nearly three hour webcast. As promised, nothing was left uncensored or non-discussable, and the discussion gets hot when several guests join us to discuss their vision, gripes, and hopes for Microsoft Windows 8.

Some topics of discussion:

Site governance
Absence of Moderators / Volunteers and Need for New Ones
Site analytics and data
Windows 8 and the website
"Karma" or reputation points system on forums
Business application of forums and advertising monetization

Attendees present:

Mike Fara (website administration)
Ross Cameron (website administration)
Randy Baker (website administration)
Michael Myles (website administration)
Richard Prescott (forum team member)
Joseph Stackhouse (

Please note: The logos and visual effects created for the introduction and end of this video were created by and for websites. This is a public meeting/conference/event, which we believe falls under the protections of the Copyright Act of 1976 for fair use and the United States 1st amendment of the Bill of Rights. All content is owned by the uploader/publisher.
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