Windows 8 Health report tool


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Windows 8 was the last Microsoft operating system to fully support the un-popular performance monitor so I'd like to show you one of the hidden advantages of staying with eight instead of up-grading to 8.1.1

1. Starting from the desk top press [windows key] + [x] then press [p] to open the control panel.
Screenshot (352).png

2. Now select performance information and tools
Screenshot (353).png

3. Then chose advanced tools
Screenshot (354).png

4. At the bottom of this list is the very useful "generate a system health report" tool.
Screenshot (356).png

Screenshot (357).png

I'll be honest, most of the stuff this report generates will go over peoples head but I like that Microsoft have at least made an effort to demystify the system… I particularly approve of the helpful hints section for dealing with any performance issues a scan detects.