Windows 8 not booting past HP screen

Hi Guys,

I really need help on this one, HP laptop with Win 8.1, when cold booting or restarting the laptop it does not get past the HP splash screen until I press any random key, then it loads fine, tried strating in safe mode also a clean boot, I have to manually press a key at the HP splash screen if not it just gets stays there...

Any ideas what I can try?

Phillip D

HP Quadro 17+" screen? Sold without system restore? There is HP website where you may buy for up to $27 system restore and driver disks for your laptop online if you don't have it yet. From the other hand it's not clear the nature of the freeze (BIOS or OS). Hopefully it's OS (windows). It should be system restore option hidden somewhere in this messy Win 8.1 where you could try to restore it some point before your freeze happened (if there is one in the list).

Hi Alex,

I did re-install Win8, still the same issue, about to do a BIOS update maybe that will work, if not then I am clueless as to what I can try...


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You could try going into the BIOS/UFEI and select default. That might solve your problem. If you already tried this sorry.

I have tried it, didn't work, still busy with updating the BIOS, if that is also not working will maybe see if setting it to legacy boot solves my troubles...

SOLVED!!!!! Changed the BIOS settings to legacy instead of UEFI, made the internal HDD the priority boot device, and starts up perfectly every time.

Thanks for the help and input I received.

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