Windows 8 pc is hanging often

My windows 8 pc is hanging so often for last 2 months.

Previously, it worked without any problem for some 6-7 months. Now it hangs just like that. While I am working, mouse cursor stops responding, keyboard keys stop appearing on screen, the power led on cpu cabinet remains red without blinking or changing. pressing reset button on cpu cabinet doesn't do anything.

There is no message, no error dump, no blue screen of death. it just hangs.

So I realize that it has got stuck. I just switch on the UPS and sytem stops working. Then I restart, and often it starts normally, though often it goes into automatic repair but hasn't found anything so far to repair.

pc is dual core 2 GHz, with 2 GB DDR2 RAM, 1 TB HDD. there is one other 40 GB HDD having w7-64 bit, and a DVD drive, but I often keep then disconnected.

cpu temps are 42-44 deg C as reported by coreTemp software.

I had reinstalled windows 8 some 15 days ago, but it still hangs though much less than earlier. One day it had stopped getting switched on so I had taken it to a repair shop he has totally disassembled and reassembled it, and cleaned it thoughly and tested (as he said).

I had changed 3 SMPS, and it still hangs with all of them though frequency is different.

What do I do? What diagnostics I can run to figure out the faulty hardware or hardware? What tools are needed.

Please advise.


To add: I don't want to optimize it, the speed is absolutely fine while it is working. The problem is of hanging, not of low speed.

Also, I have disabled all startup items, except something "persistence module" that is the lone enabled to run at each startup. I have created a batch file having direct run commands to run the programs that I want to run at startup. When pc is totally booted up, and the power LED on cabinet stops blinking, then I run that bat file to run those items.

The even manager has no entry on these hangings ever. At most, it has "last shutdown was normal" or something. There is no error reported in event manager diagnostics.

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enclosed is the saved report of "perfmon /report".
it was not allowing to upload html file so I had to change the extension to .txt. Please change it to .html and open in browser for easy viewing.

It reports
1. motherboard Ethernet is disabled - that I have intentionally disabled as I use dongle modems for internet.
2. windows update is disabled - I have intentionally done.

Rest of things don't mean much to me. Hope you can guide me to correct things.



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