Windows 8 windows 8 problem hp mini 110-1140sa


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hi i have the hp mini 1140sa and i installed windows 8 and everything was ok but as soon as i restarted it it went to a black screen with just my mouse pointer i can still go on task manager and open control panel from it i looked online and it said it was something to do with the graphic driver so i disabled it and uninstalled it and it worked for the first time then when i restarted it it happened again even on standard Microsoft driver so i reinstalled it around 3 times but it keeps doing the same even if i install the latest intel driver and if i don't so i just installed windows 7 again but i want windows 8 can someone help please my laptop is
hp mini 110-1140sa
1gb ram
mobile Intel 945 express chip set graphic processor
Intel atom n270 32 bit


Best suggest is contact HP's help desk OR maybe, even better, MS support... Windows 8 comes w/ 6 mos. support from Microsoft free of charge. Also, check the vid card maker's web site for driver & software.