Windows 8 sleep mode crash

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    Nov 1, 2013
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    So this week a purchased a new laptop [Asus N550JV], after installing the updates and updating the drivers it worked fine until... this morning I wanted to wake it from sleep mode.

    The log-in screen was a bit different, in the way that there was no way to log in: it just showed my name, and 'Locked', not the field to type the password.

    I thought I'd put the laptop back to sleep using the keyboard button and try to wake it again, alas, that only made it worse: laptop didn't want to wake from sleep anymore. No mouse, keyboard or power button touch changed the state. I had to shut it down with the power button.

    Also when pulling out the power cord, the battery indicator just stays black... while when working with the cord it indicates the status of the battery just fine.

    Any help?
    [I've currently set the laptop so that it Never goes to sleep/hibernate after a certain amount of time, closing the lid or pushing the power button does still do this, so does choosing it manually, logically. So I'd still like a fix for it]

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