Windows 8 "Storage Space" Adding Hard drives without space problems

For The Windows 8 "Storage Space" Pools, am I correct that choosing the "Simple/Resiliency" type of Pool will allow me to add more disks in the future when I buy them without any issues. I know that if you choose any of the "parity" types to create the Pool, you run the risk of having problems adding the disk because of the limited number of "Disk Columns" (meaning that your amount of space is very limited when trying to add more hard drive to the Pool if you use any of the "Parity" Pool storage types during the creation) for each virtual disk. Does choosing the "Simple/Resiliency" type of Pool avoid this issue and therefore allow you to add hard drives very easily later on when your start to run out of space on your current Pool? Over and Over you hear how choosing any of the "Mirroring or Parity" type of Pools when you create a Storage Space, you just can't simply add an external hard drive because the virtual disk columns need a certain amount of extra space to combine with a new disk or something like that.

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Mirroring and parity pools are for servers... storage space has become a non-issue now days because hdd are very cheap.

Yes, a simple pool (as the name implies) is the most basic type and should give you the least problems but you haven't told us what you need this system to do so thats all the help I can offer except to say in my experience most people are better off leaving this shit alone and just using normal folders to sort their junk, or perhaps a nas box when there is two or more people in the same home but good luck with it.

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