Windows 8 Windows 8 updates issue

Usman Malik

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Hi to All,

Kindly help me in resolving update issues. I have read much forums but in vein. I have windows 8 Pro 64bit. When i try to update or install some free app from store error msg comes. When i troubleshoot following are the unresolved issues.

Potential windows update database error detected 0x80070002

Windows update components must be repaired

Problem with background Intelligent Transfer service.(BITS)

I re-install the the windows but still this problem exit.

Will be very thankful to you if anyone help me.

Usman Malik
Did you do an Upgrade Install, or a Custom (Clean) install from a disk you burned? There have been many more problems with the Upgrade than Clean install. The Upgrade Install depends too much on the underlying OS and how good or bad it is.

Also, where did you get your ISO file? Unless you bought Win 8 Pro from a reliable source that might be your problem
Dear Medicted60,

Thanks for you anticipation. I install windows from usb(boot-able) custom(clean). Got ISO image while i purchase win 8 64bit pro from microsoft. I think issue has been resolved by first installing optional updates. Firstly I was unable to update my windows directly from "PC setting" and "My Computer/properties/updates" then from search menu i search for updates in apps. There was option of "Installing optional updates". After installing optional updates i was able to download windows updates and apps from windows store. I didn't get why windows updates were not installing first...? Any issue with my troubleshooting Medicted60..??

Usman Malik
Ted, for heaven's sake, man, introduce yourself, LOL Let 3 letters be all it takes to type your name. He's my friend so I can fun about w/ him. Nor will I step on his toes & saying, Usman. Cool things are ok, now. Sounds like the BITS service wasn't on or set quite correctly, maybe. But, all's well that ends well, eh?