Windows 8 vs ubuntu 12.10 in speed?


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As far as getting online, opening a documents etc, it may be that Ubuntu is faster.

Windows 7 is faster loading software, some of the time at least, because Windows 8 doesn't preload all the stuff that Windows 7 does.

I only had 3 or 4 things in my startup list, that's probably the biggest reason for the fast boot times.

But once things are open they run faster in 8, I don't know if things like Skyrim or Photoshop could run faster in Ubuntu, if they would run, or not.

But since they don't it's kind of a non issue.

What do you run in Ubuntu?

The only reason I've found for using it is to do things like delete a file that Windows won't let me touch or get into my computer when Windows crashes.


as far as the speed is concerned, windows 8 is faster than ubuntu :) in my personal opinion

i have yet to try ubuntu on my amd c60 netbook, but win8 has been quite fluid on this weak system

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