Windows Calendar Replacement with Notification Other than Email

I do not understand MS making Vista's Windows Calendar unavailable in Windows7. Live only provides for an email notification, where Windows Calendar reminded me at various time/date setable stages (eg. weeks to hours) with pop-up notifications on my desktop, as I do not continuously keep mail on my desktop and do not check my email continuously. I require various setable time/date notifications to pop-up on my desktop (eg. "in an hour I need to get ready for my doctor's appointment"). I don't wish to have my telephone wake-up service to do the job my Vista Windows Calendar used to do and I do not wish to have to revert to Windows Vista to obtain what I used to have. Some Windows7 programmer got ahead of him/herself and took away a useful tool and I want it back! Is there a method for installing Vista's Windows Calendar on Windows7 and retain the pop-up notifications, or is there another program (even at a charge) available the provides setable time/day/week pop-up notifications on the desktop?

Thanks Elmer. I have tried one of these before (not your link), but the reminders did not pop-up. John

Elmer: When I installed from your link, no desk-top pop-up reminder appeared after setting a reminder and closing the calendar; However, when I set the reminder and minimized the calendar onto the taskbar, a reminder popped up on the desktop, as in Windows Vista. Therefore, unlike Vista where a pop-up reminder appeared even while the calendar was shut down, the calendar must remain open (minimized is OK) in Windows 7. Thanks for the link.

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