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I do not understand MS making Vista's Windows Calendar unavailable in Windows7. Live only provides for an email notification, where Windows Calendar reminded me at various time/date setable stages (eg. weeks to hours) with pop-up notifications on my desktop, as I do not continuously keep mail on my desktop and do not check my email continuously. I require various setable time/date notifications to pop-up on my desktop (eg. "in an hour I need to get ready for my doctor's appointment"). I don't wish to have my telephone wake-up service to do the job my Vista Windows Calendar used to do and I do not wish to have to revert to Windows Vista to obtain what I used to have. Some Windows7 programmer got ahead of him/herself and took away a useful tool and I want it back! Is there a method for installing Vista's Windows Calendar on Windows7 and retain the pop-up notifications, or is there another program (even at a charge) available the provides setable time/day/week pop-up notifications on the desktop?


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Maybe Rainlendar suits your needs???

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davehc: Good suggestion, but when installing from your link and setting a reminder onto the calendar and shutting it down, no desktop reminder appeared (even though in Vista the reminder popped up on the desktop while calendar was shut down); However, after setting a reminder and minimizing the calendar on the taskbar, the reminder popped up on the desktop. Apparently in Windows 7 the calendar needs to remain open (minimized is OK). Apparently this info needs to be appended to any link that is posted. Thanks again. John

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Thanks zirkoni, I'll look into Rainlendar. I wonder if I will be required to keep the calendar on the desktop. If not, it looks promising. If there are other suggestions out there, I am interested.


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Ok. That is a pity. I did not try it myself, just browsed and found the page. I am reasonably satisfied with Live calendar.

But, as an afterthought, I do believe it would be a requirement to have any Calendar prgram running resident, if you want notification of reminders?

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