Windows 8 Windows Desktop acting like Metro


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Nov 23, 2012
I need some help with my Windows 8 Desktop. Somehow I have changed something and now my desktop windows will not re-size or move. When I initially open a program or browser it opens fine in a small window somewhere on the screen. As soon as i grab the title bar 2 outlined windows appear on screen in Yellow and Red. When I let go of the title bar the program snaps to one of the two positions, when I try to move the window it just keeps snapping back.
So the desktop programs now seem to be behaving as if they were Metro apps and displaying using Metro Snap. It is really bothersome.
Anybody know how I can revert back to normal Desktop operation?

Any insight would be appreciated.


you could try system properties and see if settings have changed there? Or use system restore to back to point before you made the changes. I made a screen shot highlighting what and where you need to go. The red arrow denotes the system restore settings.

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Thanks Kemical. I did do a system restore (which I was only able to accomplish after booting in safe mode) and no longer have the problem.

Thank you for the follow up. Glad to hear your all good..:)