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Jan 11, 2009
Generally I have a whole bunch on ideas, complaints, and basic improvements that I would like to see in Windows 7. I know that "Send Feedback" link isn't going to cut it, because developers, aren't going to go though all those emails. Its extremely limited and doesn't give a good visual about what % of people like/dislike/want a feature.

I am assuming that this is an unofficial forum for windows 7 (edit: I checked. It isn't). If there is a official forum can someone point me in a direction toward that has a sub-forum for ideas? If not, I know I'm asking a lot here, but could a moderator open up a sub-forum for "Ideas and Suggestions" and hopefully contact Microsoft to get their developers to look there once in a while? I know that they will probably say "no," but if they actually agree, this would be a huge improvement to the Windows 7 Forums Community.

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Dec 3, 2008
I'm not here to say this to be exact because I'm not a moderator nor am I affiliated with MS...but I'm guessing..

this is not the official forums for windows 7

but since its named windows 7 forums & it comes up top in any search engine...
I'd say you could call it the official forum.
but that doesn't mean that the moderators are associated with microsoft & can do anything with the OS

also on a side note microsoft has not created a *primary/main forum in particular

instead of figuring that this is the official forum of windows 7 created by microsoft I would have asked a moderator before posting a poll like this...

* the terms of service for this forum it says:

" is not affiliated, endorsed, sponsored, or owned by Microsoft Corporation, nor does it hold a claim on the company’s trademarked and copyrighted works."


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Jul 22, 2005
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This is not an official Microsoft forum. For official resources, there is a forum at TechNet, or you could consider the Windows Team Blog another way to send feedback. As for an official means of bug reporting in Windows 7, I believe the Microsoft Feedback Tool included in Windows 7 is the best official method of reporting a bug.

It would be nice if the developers wanted to post on this forum. I can say that some people from Microsoft have used but it is my understanding that this was mostly for research (looking up printer drivers in one instance.)
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