Windows DVD Maker in W7.....

Tonight I was just killing some time by checking out Windows DVD Maker in Windows 7. I was really impressed on how easy it is to use. I never tried it in Vista, so I don't know if there's any new features, but I like it. I put together a really nice slide show with music in just a few minutes. I'm sorry I didn't check this out sooner, this is nice !!


Agreed djwayne! I find it's a great little app.. it's simplistic yet complex at the same time.. ;) It has more than enough features for any videos I make and like you said it's pretty quick (depending on your hardware of course..) I used it a bit in XP but I actually never did in Vista now that I think about it for a minute.. So I too am not sure if there are many differences between Vista's version and Win 7's version.. but I can say Win 7's version is MUCH different/better than XP's version.. in my opinion.. :)

What I find interesting is that a couple of years ago, I bought and paid about $125 for a couple of dvd maker type programs and this one is nicer, and no extra charge....


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