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May 26, 2009
I've been running Windows 7 build 7100 (d/l'ed from for about three weeks now and generally I'm happy with it. However, I do have one big snag that has been bugging me since I did the upgrade from Vista; anything that uses Explorer.exe is extremely slow to render.

If I click on Computer, Explorer, Control Panel etc. the window flies out as normal but the contents take around 30 secs or so to populate. If I click on the blank window a "(not responding)" message appears, if I click again the the "windows is not responding - "Wait for the program to respond/Close the program" message appears. During this time both cores are running between 60 and 100%. It could be false perception but I think it actually getting slower!

I have the latest video drivers installed (for Vista) but the W7 version fails to install using Automatic Update. All other cpu and RAM intensive apps run perfectly. Hard disks have been defragged, it has been AV checked by the W7 of Kaspersky and spyware checked with MalawareBytes.

Any help would be appreciated.

My notebook: Acer Aspire 7520 c/w AMD Athlon [email protected], 3GB DDR2, GeForce 7000M.

*edited to add* Restarting the computer, explorer.exe and dwm.exe makes no difference.

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I have a sorta same problem.

When in computer (Explorer thing) sometimes it takes ages to load right. I can't see the dvd icon and the storage meter. I also have that green loading bar which takes forever. I can;t even acsess my sd card on it. I have to restart to use it and after 5 minutes it does the same again.


I had a bit of time at the weekend so I looked into this problem further. I found that in Task Manager the app that was pulling down Explorer was "ssvagent.exe" a bit of Java code from Sun. I located the exe file and renamed it "ssvagent.exe.old" and all is now well.
I will keep you posted but everything including the only overtly Java site I use ( is working normally.
Having solved the only problem I had with Windows 7 I now look forward to October so I can do a clean install of the finished product. I hope this will help someone out there.

I'm facing the exact same problem you referred. Did you manage to solve it?
I couldn't get the exe mentioned by heidthebaw.

Any help is appreciated.


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