Windows 7 windows installer popup on bootup


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When I turn laptop on I get a windows installer popup preparing to install hp printer solution center. then user accoubnt control comes on
c/windows installer/xxx/.msi
yes or no

with yes it keeps trying to find the installer but can't find if no then I'm onto my screen and the solution center seems to work ok

Question: Do I need to uninstall and then reinstall or is there an easier way (takes a while to reinstall) and If I need to how do i make the download windows 7 compatible? (Its wireless printer software from HP):confused:


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Try cleaning out all you temp files and folders under c:\users\yourusername\Appdata\Local\temp.

Also clean out C:\windows\temp

If you have extracted the printer files to the hard drive, delete those as well.

Just a guess:)