Windows installs drivers (again, again and again) afret pluging device to USB

Hi there!

I use Wacom tablet for a thousand years. My computer knows my tablet more than well. It is plugged usualy to the most distant USB on computers back. Sometimes I have to plug it to the other USB. And after that (every time) there is a bubble-system-message with little animated icon telling me, that my WIN 7 are installing the drivers of the device.

Why the hell it is installing the drivers? I use the tablet all the time. The drivers ARE installed already. But each time I plug it, it tells me that nonsense message…

Can you explain me that behaviour?

Thank you guys in advance!

That's because it's a portable USB device....which basically means the connection is only temporary. Once you unplug it, the connection to the system is gone along with the "temporary" driver(s). It's no different from a camera, ipod, mp3 player and so on.

Thank you mate — now I understand that this is standard behaviour.

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