Windows 7 Windows Journal Can't Save!


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Everything has been fine up until 7048 and 7057. Seems that windows journal can't save more than one page.
Anyone else have this problem?

Is it part of the read only problem mentioned by others?
I've got the same problem, but it seems like it's only after you've written a few pages. I also get a lot of blank pages when I open a document I made in Windows 7000 (Even the grid for those pages are gone).
Yep, there is an error about msxml3.msi coming unregistered on the microsoft support website about
the blank pages.

Tried the fixes suggested and problem still persists.

Any ideas?
I have the same problem. Half the notes made in 7000 x86 and 7022 x86 are not working in 7048 x64 or 7057 x64. Also, there are random failures with saving notes in 7048 x64 and 7057 x64. I thought that it was because I had created a second page that caused the error, but after some experimentation, it has to be something else. I changed the default page layout to 8" x 24", and the random save errors still occur even though I haven't created a second page. I wonder if the problem is not from the newer build numbers (7048 and 7057) but because I switched from x86 to x64. There isn't a 32bit version in Windows 7 x64, but I was wondering if copying over a 32bit version to a 64bit installation will work. I know that the 64bit version of Windows Media Player 12 glitches alot, so I set the 32bit version, which is also included, as the default.
I thought the same at first. But I since downloaded 32 bit versions of 7057 and problem is still there. Back on vista now and all my notes are back, need a solution though! Windows 7 makes life so much easier
Good timing on your post, I just finished downloading and burning 7057 x86 and was about to install it. You saved me a couple of pointless hours. :razz: I tried the fix from Microsoft, which was to reregister msxml, which didn't work, and I even downloaded and installed every version of msxml, nada. I think I will create a full error report and include the process dump at the time the error occurs and send it off to Microsoft's monkeys for analysis. :frown:
Fixed in build 7068

For those still having this problem, it seems isolated only to builds 7048 and 7057,
windows journal working fine again in 7068 :)
Yup, msxml is fixed, no more saving issues! :D
But, the handwriting conversion to text error is back! :frown: