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Windows Live Mail, Photo Gallery and Movie Maker


Senior Member
Sep 20, 2011
I installed these portions of Windows Live within my Win 8 Dev Preview. I am able to connect to, read my Hotmail mail, answer my mail, etc. I am having problems connecting to my ISP pop server to check that account, but since this is an early preview, and not my working OS, I am not real concerned. For these "real" chores I use my Win 7 Ultimate OS. I do not have many photos in my Win 8 OS yet, but Windows Live Photo Gallery is working fine as well. Have not (and probably won't) try Windows Live Movie Maker. (minor irritation, Enter does not move cursor to new line so I can not add paragraph breaks when using Win 8 in my forums)

edit: I feel like a fool now. When I entered the correct password for my ISP pop mail it worked fine. Oh well, live and learn. Bottom line, it appears Windows Live will work in this early Win 8 Dev Preview.
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