Windows 8 Sound Problems with Windows Live Photo Gallery videos


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Jul 10, 2013
I have a new laptop (HP Pavilion g6) with Windows 8. When I transferred my photos and videos, there is no longer any sound coming from my videos through Live Photo Gallery. I had the same issue with my Windows Vista laptop and I loaded the k-lite codec pack. I did the same this afternoon, but I still don't have any sound. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi Sharmar,

will the videos play at all if you access them via a different route than the photo gallery? Just out of interest why didn't you pop the video's into the folder marked video's? :)

I'm not sure if this will help any but you could try this:

Link Removed

Thank you for your reply. My photo s/w automatically places all of my photos/videos in the same directory. Once I downloaded the Windows 8 codecs, the videos played with sound - thank you. I have older .avi files that will no longer display the video but will play the audio. Any other suggestions? Thanks again.

Oh, boy! I downloaded the s/w. Now, the videos that were working no longer work and the .avi files have no video nor sound. What should I do next?

Have you tried un-installing it? Failing that there should be a restore point you could go back to using system restore.

I'm back to where I was! My newer videos play with sound. Do you have any other suggestions for the older .avi files? Thank you!