Removing "read only" from photos & issues with Live Photo Gallery

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by mwalfred, Jun 25, 2014.

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    hello. I have windows 7 & Office 2013 - I am not particularly fond of the new live media gallery. In my position, I receive a great deal of photos from my colleagues to post on social media. I have Photoshop, but I often don't need that powerhouse to do some quick corrections like crop and color temperature. Now, when I get photos via email, I try to edit with Windows Live Photo Gallery it a.) doesn't open to the photo I clicked and b.) every single photo is "read only" meaning I can't edit until I go to properties and unclick the read only box. This happening with every photo sent to me - never happened before. Can I unclick that as a default setting?

    I also love the features in WLPG, but getting my photo to that program is a real PIA. Prior to the office upgrade, my photos opened with a series of options, one of which was Office 2010 - which was a great no-fuss photo editor. Anyway to download that?
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    Have you tried removing the read only label from the entire folder that the photos are saved in?

    Go to Properties, for the folder, and when you deselect the read only check box and click apply, you should get a option to apply the setting to all folders, sub folders and files.

    It may or may not be that from that time on, new photos added to the folder will be labeled read only.
    I'm not sure how importing new read only files into the folder will change the settings.

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    My guess is, you should get your providers to send them as plain files, not "read only". The restriction is on their part, I don't believe any browser ads that.

    What Mike suggests is good, but it only works for the files you already have in the folder. But changing the folder is certainly easier and more convenient than going through files one by one. Thus, recommendable.

    Best of all.

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