Windows Live Messenger error

Another issue that i forgot to mention is sometimes when messenger is shut down properly i receive an error telling me that windows messenger has stopped working correctly windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
This is rather annoying lol. especially when it stopped working because the user told the application to shut down.


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I have had the same issue with Windows Live Messenger it seem's to happen when i have had a cd or dvd in the drive and removed it while using the messenger application. Otherwise when there has been no cd or dvd in the drive while using the messenger application there have been no error's. However this error is wierd messenger shouldnt have anything to do with cd or dvd drives, could it be possible that it may be due to show what i am listening to in media player wether or not you are listening to a music cd ?

nope cuz in my case is not related to CD plus in my case internet explorer doesn't work either nor the action center nor any windows software that needs internet, even the desktop gadgets like weather


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Alright, I think i may have the cause of the disk in cd drive error.

I was working away fine for a number of days. Yesterday i decided i would burn a cd for a friend. I had not burned anything since i had reinstalled messenger and about 1h after I had burned the cd, I started getting the message again.

I wonder if this error could be related to burning cds. Does anyone remember burning a cd/dvd just before they started receiving the error ?
With my system the error only happens when the drive has been in use, when the drive has not been in use there are no error's.. other than the error received when the drive has been in use is that sometimes when i shut down messenger through proper steps i receive an error stating that msn has stopped working correctly.


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I tried this...

... I noticed something when Johannlynx, Sharp and Jack mentioned about burning. True, messenger live doesn't utilise burning however, it does have a plugin to show music file titles... linking it to WMP. After having the same issues you all reported, landing me here to find a solution I turned off the plugin via WMP plugins...

Voila! No more boxes alerting me to insert disk in drive D: :razz: I at this time have had no issues for about 20mins... so give it a go... I'll keep you posted with my finds.

All the best.



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2 days and not another issue with the 'no disk' error thingy :D using messenger without any hitches so far... will keep updated.


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I've been having this repeatedly under both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7. I also saw the apparent link with cd/dvd burning. I just saw the reply from 'Blessed' and turned off this plugin in WMP. Hey presto, the message has gone away!

So it looks like this plugin needs looking at by the relevant people ....