Windows Live Suite not installing correctly...

Okay, I'll be honest, I'm a real newbie at this kind of stuff, and I accidentally downloaded an installed a 64-bit Windows 7 beta rather than a 32-bit one (opposite of what I should have done), so naturally this problem may be because of that...

But I have been trying to download the Windows Live Suite or whatever (wlsetup-web.exe), but it never works. The installer opens, but stops and says "There is no internet connection detected" or something to that effect.

I was pretty curious why this is happening since Mozilla FireFox works perfectly fine. I load everything on it just dandily.

But since it's Microsoft, I wanted to be safe and try Internet Explorer out. I open IE8, and none of the pages are loading.. I open IE8 64-bit, and everything works fine again.

The reason Windows Live isn't installing is probably because of that.. But I don't know how to fix it. Is there any way I can change the installer to directing its attention to the internet connection for FireFox or IE8 64-bit? It doesn't work with IE8 32-bit, it seems, because IE8 32-bit is acting really screwey.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance :)

Since it's impossible to install a 64bit Windows on a 32bit system, you must have a 64bit processor. So why should you limit yourself with a 32bit Windows?

Anyway, do you use an Anti Virus software? I experienced the same problem that you described when I had KAV 2009 installed. It seemed to interfere with traffic on some ports. I then switched to Kaspersky AV 8 for workstations (which they recommend for Windows 7) and after that my network and internet connections worked flawlessly.

I have Avast anti-virus installed on 64bit version and all of the Windows live programs worked perfect.

I do have AVG Anti-Virus, but I don't think that's what is causing this....

If it IS causing this, would uninstalling it help?


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It worked fine for me, 32 and 64 bit. Perhaps you have to sign in to the program?? I do have an ident, which probably helps. See here :
Home - Windows Live


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i have avg anti-virus and i was able to install windows live with no problem. That is cleary not the problem.

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