Windows Vista Windows Longhorn Reloaded


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May 7, 2007
Hi guys,

When recently browsing the web, I came across this:

First off, I need to tell a bit of history. Back in 2002, Microsoft started work on the next version of Windows, so called "Longhorn". This was to be out before the next big OS, which was blackcomb. Well, around in 2004, microsoft found that they would not be able to get Longhorn out in time, so they decided to make a new os based on Windows 2003, and Vista was born.

Well, some members of the forum decided to use the old Longhorn code to make a os, fixing the problems with the alpha longhorn build. But a few days after release, Microsoft emailed them. So, development is currently down, but the torrents are still around.

Well, I downloaded a copy, and will be trying it out on my laptop. I'll let you know how the results go.
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