Windows 7 Windows Media Player Causes Search Indexer And Explorer To Use Tons Of Memory/Stall.


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Jan 14, 2009
EDIT: Before any of the below stuff happens, it wont let me open my computer and then open any of the drives there. I double click on em and it starts loading and you can see the progress bar where it says Computer at the top of the window but then it won't open any of em. I can still go to libraries though...

Ok so this only started happening recently, but anytime I try and open WMP(Windows Media Player) it shows me the windows of WMP and then in the middle is just white space. Then that causes both Searchindexer.exe and explorer.exe to jump up to around 60,000k memory usage and sometimes up to 50 CPU usage. I can end SearchIndexer but explorer cannot be ended. Than if I try and open a folder or control panel or anything it will just either not open a window or open the window but when you double click any folders/drives nothing happens.

A restart fixes it until I open WMP again. I would love it if one of you guys could tell me how to fix this. Or maybe disable the Search Indexer?

Also I just re-sized the partition Windows 7 was on and then transferred all my media over to that partition, could this be the cause?

Thanks in advance. :)

Also I just found out that it doesn't fix the problem to restart anymore. And a new problem. When all this is happening you can't restart/shutdown the computer normally, you have to hard shutdown.
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