Windows Patch Nov. 11 2014, wiped out everything

My mother Just updated her PC with Windows 7 just yesterday as per the usual update and when she started it back up EVERYTHING was gone the C drive was wiped clean and I myself am fluent with computers and have not ever seen anything like this!

Any advice or if someone can point me in the right direction to fix this would be appreciated!
Thank you


Noob Whisperer
Hello Kevin and welcome to the forum.
have not ever seen anything like this!
Me either.
I suppose the best first step would be to check the system BIOS and confirm that the Hard Disk is still being recognized.
If that is confirmed and you are certain beyond doubt that it was the updates then perhaps booting to the installation media and performing a System Restore to a restore point prior to the updates having been applied might be a reasonable second effort.
Third (for me) would likely be pulling the drive and connecting it to a second system and seeing what's what, and performing a bit of backing up of critical data.
Failing that I suppose booting to a Linux Live CD may allow you to copy off critical data.

It looks as though after a hard reset everything was back to normal as if nothing happened! Truly a head scratcher this one! Thank you very much for your reply and help


Noob Whisperer
Ahhhhhh. The old turn it off and turn it back on trick. Gotta love the easy ones.
And thanks for updating your thread with that information.

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