Windows reset to wrong edition.

I just reset my windows 8.1 using the reset feature that wipes out your files and re installs the OS. now i'm back to Windows 8, but it says my product key is invalid, and that i have windows 8 pro. I got my computer from best buy and i think they just had a core windows 8 edition installed. so my product key isn't going to work, because it says i have pro installed right now. can i downgrade from pro to core windows 8? or is there a way to check and see what version my product key is for, just to make sure?

iv done this once or twice with no problem, now for seemingly no reason it installed pro, and my key doesn't work. I'm not sure why it would do this, there was no options during the reset process to select what edition to install.

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i was able to resolve my issue, it was just a big misunderstanding of my situation

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