windows search and high cpu

hi, windows search has 2 tasks that eats 40% of my cpu. can i put this service in non automatic mode, or completely disable it without any bad effect? Or should i wait? i have win 10 64bit. maybe some blocking with other software?


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You could try turning off Search Indexing and see if that helps.
If it doesn't you can just turn it back on again.

Look at option no.3...

Turn off windows 10 search indexing service (customize, disable)?

I recommend (to everyone I know) that you ignore the Windows Search in favor of Agent Ransack a small search program that is 1,000% better then Windows search.

I've used it for many years, it is much faster, easy to customize, and easier to use as well.
I really couldn't get along without it.

When installed it will ad a link for Agent Ransack to the right click drop down in Windows Explorer.

All you have to do is right click on the drive or folder you want to search, select Agent Ransack and type in what you are looking for.

It will remember your last search so you can quickly search different locations, once you find what your looking for you can go directly to that location from the search results.

Agent Ransack - Download

It's free, the whole installed program takes less then 12 Mb, and I haven't noticed any overhead at all.
And it will find things that Windows Search doesn't.


thank you very much

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